Monday Update 9-22-14

Not much to report this week, I didn’t get a ton of play time and I was also trying out a free trial of Final Fantasy 14. I have to say it is a gorgeous looking game and I would probably keep playing if it was free to play or buy once and play forever type of game but I don’t see it being worth a subscription.

I did manage to get one kill this past week. I was out doing exploration in my Astero and had ended up in null sec after going through a couple of wormholes. So far the trip hadn’t been very profitable but that was about to change.

I came into a dead end system and found a treasure trove, 3 relic and 2 data sites were on scan. I started running the sites when another pilot popped in system and launched probes. I happened to catch on scan that he was in a Probe and I was pretty sure an Astero could take him out or scare him off. I saw him disappear from scan and since it was a small system I was pretty sure he was cloaked. Then I saw him come back on scan and thought, “He can’t be doing a site with me and my probes still on scan.” But he was. I got to the site he was in and crept to within ling point range under cloak. Once I was in range I dropped my cloak and started to try and lock him up while also deploying my drones, which were the only weapon I I had. He must not have noticed me until I had him pointed because he didn’t warp while my timer from dropping cloak kept me from locking him. The drones chewed him up quick and I moved in to check his wreck. Inside the wreck were Sisters Core Probes….84 of them. Needless to say I scooped the loot finished the sites in the system and hot footed it back to Fliet to stash the goodies. Don’t ask me why he was carrying that many probes out in null sec but I was very glad he was.

Also I passed a new milestone, I now have a negative sec status for the first time ever. I am now at -0.5 sec.

I’m on vacation from work this week so I hope to get in a fair amount of play time.

Battleclinic rank: 99,667 up 5,396


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