Eliminating an income stream

I just read the dev blog about the invention and reverse engineering changes and it seem that the changes will be eliminating one of my income streams, Data Interfaces. It seems that Data Interfaces are going to be removed from the game. I do quite a bit of exploration and one of the things that you can get from data sites are the blueprints for the various types of racial data interfaces which are a reusable component of inventing tech II blueprints. You also find the components to build the data interfaces in data sites, along with decryptors and datacores. I’m not going to rage or cry tears , I have no doubt that others will do plenty of that for me this is Eve, but I’m probably going to have to kick my Enyo building idea into higher gear to make up for the lack of data interfaces to build and sell. The dev blog did mention that players will be reimbursed for their data interfaces so I will keep building the ones I find and hope that a fat stack of them in my hanger will magically transform I to ISK on the day the changes go live.

I’d also like to know if data sites are still going to drop the interface building materials still or not. The materials won’t have any use if data interfaces are removed from the game so they will effectively become a trash drop. Will the interface materials be removed from the game as well and if so will data sites be dropping anything new or will you only be finding decryptors and datacores? I’m not a big fan of the forums but I think I may venture into them to see what posts have been made about the interface removal parts of the invention changes.

Fly slightly poorer.


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